The CERVANTES PROJECT is located on the campus of the GSD International School Buitrago. We offer face-to-face classes with specialist teachers certified in teaching Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training in Spanish compulsory education, all of whom are also trained specifically in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). The cooperative has provided its schools with business management and organizational styles that allow us to align ourselves with the language standards developed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching and assessment (CFER). Through the CERVANTES PROJECT, our objective is to promote the teaching, study and use of Spanish globally.

At GSD International School Buitrago we teach all levels of ELE and we prepare students for the official examinations of the Cervantes Institute (DELE) and the International Spanish Language Evaluation Service (SIELE). The aim is for our students to become accredited and obtain a degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. Our method is based on offering a wide variety of teacher-student face-to-face classes at different levels, following the Cervantes Institute Curriculum Plan.

The CERVANTES PROJECT strives to make our students social agents and autonomous and intercultural speakers who improve the world they live in: “mundum labor mutat” is the motto of the CSD cooperative.


Our classes are structured and conform with the 6 levels of competence in Spanish.

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GSD Cooperative
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Telephone in case of emergencies
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GSD International School Buitrago
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José María Vaquero Sánchez

GSD IS Buitrago Principal

Luis Bartolomé Herrero

ELE Coordinator

International Area

Javier Blázquez Francés


Héctor Greciano Martínez

Assistant Director


Shinta Kartika

International Groups Coordinator:

Xin Zhang

International Groups Coordinator: