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GSD International School Buitrago del Lozoya is an educational centre offering Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate (senior high school), and Vocational Training to Spanish pupils, both day students and five- or seven-day boarders (according to academic, attitudinal and linguistic competency criteria). At the same time, the school is as an educational centre focusing on the needs of international students. The school year and courses begin in September and end in June, though we offer the possibility to start a month later and finish in July. Along with many hours of immersion, specific ELE classes are given. The goal is for students to obtain a minimum of B1 level, with which these students later could receive their education in private schools. In the syllabus we include other classes like Literature, English, Physical Education, Mathematics, History, Economics and Biology. We adapt the classes to the student’s language ability and the needs they will have the following year. The majority of students are in the course that prepares them for Baccalaureate (the last two years of high school).